Shoulder Pain

We often find in our practice that this term is heavily misused, as any chronic shoulder pain is wrongly referred to as frozen shoulder. Shoulder problems can be very complex with many causes. Through tests chiropractors can determine the cause of the pain and help the problem.

What is Frozen Shoulder?

Medically known as Adhesive Capsulitis, it is an inflammation of the tissues within the shoulder joint capsule. These tissues become thick and sticky severely limiting the motion of the joint and so it appears ‘frozen’. There is no known cause.

“Frozen shoulder can be a long term condition that can also cause strain to the neck and upper back all of which can be eased with treatment. Treatment as well as time and exercise has been shown to improve the motion of the shoulder in over 80% of cases. Left without any treatment it is shown to improve in only 30% of cases. There is also benefit to the pain and secondary symptoms with Chiropractic care.”

shoulderTo help find the cause we offer:

  • A Private Consultation with the Doctor of Chiropractic
  • A Thorough Examination including Neurological, Orthopaedic & Blood Pressure Tests
  • X-Rays, if necessary
  • A Verbal Report of our Findings and thorough Explanation of the X-Rays

After which you should know more about your body and the problems you are experiencing than you ever have before. Whether you go ahead with treatment, as always, is entirely your decision


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