Our History

From The Beginning

Established over 29 years ago our clinic has had many changes over time.

The clinic was based on Clifford road in Poynton for many years. With increases in staff and the need to modernise we decided to relocate to a new site.

Weight Lifting Class

A Family Practice

As 2 sisters who have worked to grow our natural health clinic we have spent many years looking to move to the centre of Poynton as we needed more room. In 2021 we found our new clinic home.

Both The Back Clinic and The Natural Doctor (Dr Jess) wanted to create a space that was designed for us with better access, better visibility and a modern feel.

Our new home on London Road South is perfect. We have mixed the high ceilings and features of a 1886 building with Jess’s flare for modern interiors to create a beautiful new clinic. With a lot more parking and access to the high street we plan to be here for many years to come.


Dr Xandra

Dr Xandra is a qualified Doctor of Chiropractic. After completing the 5 year university course Xandra moved to London for 3 years to learn more about business. After working in – and later becoming Clinic Director of – the busiest Chiropractic clinic in Europe, Xandra returned to the family business in 2012.

Xandra took over as the head of Poynton Chiropractic in 2014, also changing its name to The Back Pain Centre. Over the next few years the clinic grew to include 3 more chiropractors and Jess & Xandra started working side by side with their clinics helping thousands of patients.


The Back Clinic

By 2018 it was decided that the clinic did so much more than help pain that it changed name again and became The Back Clinic. The Clinic has welcomed an amazing team of receptionists and 3 more fabulous Chiropractors.

The Clinic is now the centre for both Xandra and Jess; The Back Clinic and The Natural Doctor alternative and lifestyle healthcare practices.


Dr Jess

Dr Jess qualified first as a medical doctor before completing degrees in Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Western herbalism, Chinese Herbalism, Cosmetic Acupuncture and Kinesiology.

She is a fully qualified functional medicine doctor a unique specialty and now runs the highly successful clinic The Natural Doctor. Treating patients with functional and lifestyle medicine she also runs Adio.org with Xandra and online natural heath community.



As sisters who grew up in the same healthcare ethos Xandra and Jess have created very different knowledge sets that work perfectly together. With their vast knowledge gained over many years of treating patients, they now want to teach as many people as possible, how to improve their health with lifestyle medicine.

In 2019 adio.org was launched to give information about alternative healthcare to anyone who wishes it. With an online community and a wealth of articles, webinars, podcasts and courses the site will become a library of knowledge. With its stand alone eating for optimum health programme Refresh and posture solution Realign adio is affordable and accessible to all. 

Our hope for the future is that Chiropractic care combined with lifestyle and functional medicine will become mainstream and our reliance on drugs will diminish.


Environmental Impact

With a great passion for health, and with 2 small children, Jess has pushed the clinic into working on its environmental impact.

As the clinic has grown so has the Eco Ethos. By reducing our waste by improving our recycling, supplying the clinic with Ecotricity gas and electric and even having electric cars, it still wasn’t enough.

Our aim in 2019 was to go Carbon Neutral firstly just to offset ourselves and later the plan is to go Carbon Negative and give back what has been taken in the past.