Elbow, Hand & Wrist Pain

Modern living tends to be a stressful mix of desk and computer work that can play havoc with the neck, and arm. Many people suffer from neck, shoulder or arm pain in their lives, and therefore seek help for these complaints.

Due to the repetitive nature of many jobs and with poor sitting posture undue stress can be applied to the joints in the arm. This can result in many different symptoms in the elbow, wrist and hand and conditions such as ‘tennis elbow’ or carpal tunnel syndrome.

“Small repetitive movements of daily life and poor posture are a common cause of a trapped nerve.”

How Can Chiropractic Help?

elbowpainChiropractors are trained in diagnosing the cause of the pain using many tests to find the underlying problem so that we can treat it. Chiropractors use small force movements known as adjustments, to the neck and arm along with muscle relaxing techniques in the arm to alleviate the problem.

To help find that cause we offer:

  • A Private Consultation with the Doctor of Chiropractic
  • A Thorough Examination including Neurological, Orthopaedic & Blood Pressure Tests
  • X-Rays, if necessary
  • A Verbal Report of our Findings and thorough Explanation of the X-Rays

After which you should know more about your body and the problems you are experiencing than you ever have before. Whether you go ahead with treatment, as always, is entirely your decision


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