Eco Friendly

How our clinic supports the environment

You are visiting an eco-friendly clinic, passionate about preserving our beautiful environment. The evident changes of climate change and tipping point of the natural balance lead to an uncertain future for our children. We believe we can all make a difference.

We spend our days looking after our patients health and helping them to life a better lifestyle. Over the years we have realised that looking after our environment is part of this. As a family run business we realise with each generation that looking after our environment for the next is our responsibility. One of our first steps was to change our cars to electric powered ones.


The clinic is powered by Ecotricity a 100% renewable energy company helping us significantly reduce our footprint and we contribute the following environmental charities:

Food Chain

Food production counts towards 25% of climate change. Poor agricultural practices using pesticides and no diversity in crops threaten the natural ecosystems. We believe in Eating organic food not only for your health but also to protect the quality of our soil and protect against climate change.

We use Gazegill Farm for their amazing organic meat and milk due to the great work they do to improve soil quality and biodiversity. 


Trees are the lungs of the planet and by protecting woodland we are reducing our carbon footprint. Trees have been shown to be able to increase their carbon dioxide demand to balance out the carbon increase in the atmosphere. By managing our woodland we protect our ability to reduce carbon dioxide.

Health & Environment

We follow the belief that looking after your health and your environment are inextricably linked. Only by getting the best nutrients can we support pour bodies in good health. To get the best nutrients requires good spoil quality, better air quality and biodiversity of crops. 


Keeping our native creatures is so important to our ecosystem.  Conservation projects restoring traditional wildflower meadows, the re-introduction and protection of species,  restoring wetlands, and reinstating local woodlands.

Printing & Stationery

Everything we give use in the clinic is sourced from environmental companies. Whether this is our patient leaflets, printed on recycled paper with vegetable inks, or our recycled staplers and wheat based pens.