Susana Koppen Dip

Counselling and Life Therapist – Moving you forward


Sue specialises in post natal depression and bereavement. Sue is a qualified counsellor that specialises in bereavement. She provides a safe space for you to speak of your feelings and ways in which you can help yourself to feel better. She gives you time to work through emotions, address emotions and find coping worries and find coping mechanisms to move forward.

The counselling time is non judgemental and open to any areas of concern to you. Many clients see Sue with topics they can’t speak of with family or friends. By speaking of these thoughts clients say they feel a sense of relief in off-loading them, and feel they can understand themselves better.

Counselling is a space for you to work through differcult areas in your life. Weekly sessions provide you a non judgemental time to talk about your worries. It is a non advisory Person Centred Therapy working to the ethics of The British Association for Counselloring and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Some areas you may consider counselling for-

Your minimum of six 50 minute sessions will be held in a safe and comfortable work room, where you can openly talk through any life troubles.

Sue has been practising nearly 5 years and has experience of clients from 16 years of age. She has also worked with mild special needs. Sue specialises in Post/Peri Natal Depression, and has expertise in bereavement and the affect of suicide within a family and close friends.


Mrs P ‘I learnt to throw things out of my thoughts and not absorb them…I had complete trust in Sue, it felt a very safe space.’

J ‘Sue was amazing, her ability to listen and work out my mind set led to a very successful 6 weeks….helped me realise that actually it wasn’t just being a (new) Mum, it was 1000’s of things from years and years of stress. The skills she taught me have become the norm to me now in everyday thinking.’

Life Therapy is used to help realign many aspects in your life; focusing you on how to move ahead and experience life to your full potential. Sessions can be weekly, or taken to suit your needs; returning to it as your life changes. Sessions can be taken from 60 minute slots, you may require longer, and this can be designed to your needs.

Areas you may consider Life Therapy-
Lost in your life’s direction.
Relationship struggles.
Overwhelming thoughts.
Differculty at work.


Mr M ‘Sue has helped me take a positive view on my own capabilities…guided me with various techniques to develop my new business and new life path…which has become second nature…I owe her immeasurable thanks! ‘

Mrs L ‘…we discussed achievable goals to work towards. I now feel like I have taken back control of my life. I am a more confident and happier person’.

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