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1. Book Your Slot

Call the number above to speak to one of our friendly reception team. Existing patients can ‘Book Now‘.

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2. New Patient Visit

One of our expert Chiropractors will take your history, test your spine and joints and take on-site X-rays (as needed) to find the problem.

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3. Results

Just a couple of days later your Chiropractor will show you your x-rays and results. We will explain how to get you out of pain fast so you can get back your best quality of life. You can start treatment on this visit.

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The Back Clinic Chiropractic & Advanced Health

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We take care of everyone at the highest level to help people who are simply battling through the week up to optimal health. Our care is based on eliminating pain, increasing performance, energy levels and sleep quality. Ensuring the prevention of injury so you can have a drug-free health approach.


Chiropractic Treatment and Health Solutions

Expert Diagnosis

We have our own digital x-ray suite.  We do all the tests you need so we can be certain  of the root cause before we carry out any treatment.

Chiropractic Care

We test the structure and function of your whole body. We look at the area that hurts and also assess the impact it’s had on the whole spine and joints around it.

True Health Care

We assess the function of your body, your lifestyle  and overall health goals when creating your specialised treatment plan. We want to get you feeling great and keep you that way.


Your Spine at Any Age and:


Poynton Chiropractor

Our team is compassionate and focused in the care we recommend. If we can’t help, we will tell you.

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Xandra Middleton

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The Back Clinic
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Ruth DickmanRuth Dickman
09:39 31 Jul 23
Having struggled with back and neck pain for years I finally took my sisters advice and went to the The Bank Pain Clinic. Very professional, helpful service. Reception team couldn’t do enough to make you feel welcome. Treatment from Kostas was well researched, thoughtful and highly effective. I have not been pain free or felt as good for years. Cannot recommend them enough. Thank you to the whole team 😀
Tk KTk K
22:52 23 Jul 23
I have had back pain on and off for many years and was advised to see a chiropractor rather than a physiotherapist. I wasn’t sure as I didn’t know much about chiropractors and didn’t want to pay for something that wouldn’t work.So glad I did though, as I went from barely being able to walk without severe pain and relying on daily painkillers to much improved mobility and rarely needing painkillers. It has transformed my back and neck considerably. The sessions with Dr Federica have been great and really helped my back and neck mobility. I have also been given advice on how to sleep etc to avoid getting pain in the future.The reception staff are friendly and welcoming. I would say for anyone in doubt just try a few sessions, your back/neck will be glad you did!
Sarah AdamSarah Adam
10:45 23 Jun 23
Very pleased with my experience at the back clinic. The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. I am under care of Dr Federica who is caring, friendly, professional and capable. 5 stars all around
Sandra Taylor-FarrellSandra Taylor-Farrell
09:09 07 Jun 23
I’ve had back pain for a good while and finally did something about it. Booking in was really easy and convenient, and the reception staff are really brilliant. They seem to know all the customers and make a real effort to make you feel welcome. Dr Federica is super-enthusiastic, caring and interested in how you are feeling as an individual. I always say she works some sort of magic on my back! Worth every penny and I can see myself checking in with Fede even once this acute issue is resolved. I’m pain free in a way I haven’t been for years. Highly recommended!
Russell DaviesRussell Davies
13:32 01 Jun 23
I started to see Frederica 3 months ago. I am now pain free and can move normally again. What a difference! Thank you so much. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. What a great service. Thank you
Rachael EdmundsRachael Edmunds
08:29 20 Apr 23
Dr Jen is a nothing short of a miracle worker. In both appointments, he was very thorough and went through every detail with the findings of my X-ray. Even after just one adjustment, my movement has improved greatly.Thank you.

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