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1. Book Your Slot

Call the number above to speak to one of our friendly reception team. Existing patients can ‘Book Now‘.

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2. New Patient Visit

One of our expert Chiropractors will take your history, test your spine and joints and take on-site X-rays (as needed) to find the problem.

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3. Results

Just a couple of days later your Chiropractor will show you your x-rays and results. We will explain how to get you out of pain fast so you can get back your best quality of life. You can start treatment on this visit.

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The Back Clinic Chiropractic & Advanced Health

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We take care of everyone at the highest level to help people who are simply battling through the week up to optimal health. Our care is based on eliminating pain, increasing performance, energy levels and sleep quality. Ensuring the prevention of injury so you can have a drug-free health approach.


Chiropractic Treatment and Health Solutions

Expert Diagnosis

We have our own digital x-ray suite.  We do all the tests you need so we can be certain  of the root cause before we carry out any treatment.

Chiropractic Care

We test the structure and function of your whole body. We look at the area that hurts and also assess the impact it’s had on the whole spine and joints around it.

True Health Care

We assess the function of your body, your lifestyle  and overall health goals when creating your specialised treatment plan. We want to get you feeling great and keep you that way.


Your Spine at Any Age and:


Poynton Chiropractor

Our team is compassionate and focused in the care we recommend. If we can’t help, we will tell you.

Meet Dr Xandra D.C.
Xandra Middleton

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The Back Clinic
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Rachael EdmundsRachael Edmunds
08:29 20 Apr 23
Dr Jen is a nothing short of a miracle worker. In both appointments, he was very thorough and went through every detail with the findings of my X-ray. Even after just one adjustment, my movement has improved greatly.Thank you.
Sue DysonSue Dyson
15:50 16 Apr 23
An amazing caring establishment. I originally visited several years ago with a persistent, very painful, back problem which has now subsided thanks to regular chiropractic treatments with Xandra.Dr Jess (the Natural Doctor) is extremely knowledgeable and has been able to guide me through physical and mental health issues. I can thoroughly recommend her counselling and acupuncture sessions.A huge thank you to all at the Back Clinic.
12:08 28 Nov 22
I can't recommend Xandra and all of her team enough...literally...I tell everyone about them.I have horrendous neck pain and migraines as a result of an accident 10 years ago. My migraines can be crippling and my neck pain interferes with everything from work, play & exercise to daily tasks. My wife started with the team for a chronic back problem and started to see some real progress so suggested I went.In two months I made amazing progress with both treatment and the teams suggestions on diet and exercise routines.I was getting 1-2 migraines every couple of months and since starting with the team almost 2 years ago, I've had one in total.My neck pain is so much better and rarely interferes with my daily life anymore.The other bonus, as the team are registered with the GCC I can claim back my sessions on a work health plan which is great too.They've just introduced a new booking app which means I don't need to call for appointments any more either.They're a really friendly team and have managed to squeeze me in if I have ever needed anything urgent, so I really couldn't recommend them any more!
Carly MilneCarly Milne
12:52 11 Nov 22
After ten years of chronic back pain which has had multi professionals trying to treat it I found the back clinic. I've never looked back! I'm now pain free and off medication, it's been life changing! Experts in the field with a personable and professional reception team. Highly recommended.
Tina BellisTina Bellis
16:39 28 Oct 22
I highly recommend The Back Clinic, from walking in the door they a super friendly and helpful.Dr George is extremely knowledgeable and communicates everything he’s doing so you’re well informed.It’s a great feeling to be more mobile & sometimes pain free, I feel better after every treatment.I have recommended 2 family members to him who also think he’s amazing.
Penny KyffinPenny Kyffin
08:39 21 Oct 22
When I started my journey with the Back Clinic, back in September, pain in my back dominated each day. I am happy to say that 6 weeks into my Treatment Plan, I am now free of pain, I am a lot more flexible, and have increased my activities to an exciting level, as I can now choose what I want to do every day. Thank you for helping me change my life around.

located in Poynton, stockport